Rainforest Radar

Radar diagram used to provide live feedback for rainforest questionnaires filled out during a conference.


The rainforest radar diagram was requested by another department at UNM. They wanted to be able to provide visual live feedback to the scores received from each table during conference.


A radar diagram is perfect for displaying an organization ranking based on internal categories. However the client wanted to show more than just the mean score in each category, he wanted to show the distribution of scores. To accomplish this, we broke each scale up into 5 different sections and binned the scores into their respective range.

User Interface

To make using this dashboard a breeze for the client we provided a text-area that the user could enter the scores in CSV format.

Open in a new window.

Try It Out

Enter these dummy scores into the text-area and see how the dashboard updates to reflect the scores.

96, 100, 120, 90, 90, 200
200, 150, 150, 100, 100, 300
140, 90, 70, 90, 82, 290
70, 60, 75, 40, 50, 210
40, 110, 110, 70, 100, 170