New Mexico Graduate Workforce

Dashboard for tracking graduates after they have left New Mexico universities.


This dashboard was built in conjunction with workforce solutions. The hope is that we can now have better (more informed) comparisons between New Mexico universities. As well as expose degrees with higher salaries and those that lead to a higher contribution rate in the New Mexico workforce.

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There are several visualizations that are used to convey workforce statistics:

  • Salary over time / Employment rate over time

    • Simple Line charts that show how these metrics change over time for a given cohort.
  • Employment Rate vs. Salary Bubble Pack

    • A hierarchical bubble chart, where one can breakdown these metrics by Sector / Institution / Program Areas / CIP Groups.
    • Shows the in-state employment rates and salaries for a selected cohort and specified number of years since graduation.
  • Sunbursts for Institutions, Degree Programs, and Degree Levels

    • These allow the user to see how the cohort is distributed among different categories.
  • Salary Distribution Area

    • Shows the degree programs who's graduates accumulate the largest portion of New Mexico dollars.
  • Occupation Area Sankey

    • Displays which degree areas flow into which occupation areas.